3.3.2018: An Embarassing Story

Dear Friends and Family, Hey! I hope all is well in wherever you are right now.  Things are going great here in Guatemala as always.  The time is flying by faster than I can even keep up with, I have less than 4 months left which I can't really believe.  I still have, lots and lots and … Continue reading 3.3.2018: An Embarassing Story


2.25.2018: Road Trip to Zacapa!

Dear Friends and Family, Hello! What a week here in Guatemala.  Week 1 of the change is always reaaaaaally crazy for us here in the office, just getting everyone to the airport and updating all the systems and everything.  My new companion, Elder Otoya, was telling me the other day that he thought that the office was … Continue reading 2.25.2018: Road Trip to Zacapa!


Dear Friends and Family Hello!  I hope you are all doing well and that you all had a great Valentine's Day!  We sure did even though we were working all day in the office, hahaha. The next day, some recent converts invited us over to have a Valentine's Day dinner with them which was a … Continue reading 21!