6.26.2017: Having Christ’s Name Engraved On Our Hearts

What a crazy week.  So we were planning on having the baptisms of Mary and Deiry this week, but for a few different reasons, they fell through.  Also, they didn’t finish the chapel in time, so President and Sister Caffaro aren’t going to be the ones who get to dedicate it since they go home this Friday.  So, in those 2 aspects, this week was a bit of a hard week mentally,  but it was still a good week overall for us and we made the best of it.
On Wednesday, we had our last multi-zone conference with President and Sister Caffaro before they go home and it was so good!  The whole mission was there and I learned so much.  They talked a lot about being disciples of Christ for life, not just for the mission.  President Caffaro said something I really liked.  He was talking about how a lot of people say it’s really hard when the time comes to end your mission and take off your missionary name tag, but it shouldn’t be like that.  If you are a true disciple of Christ and have been changed by your mission, you have that name tag engraved in your heart, so taking it off on the outside doesn’t change all that much.  Like I said a few weeks ago, what makes us disciples of Christ shouldn’t be the fact that we wear a name tag that has His name on it, it should be that we are doing our best to develop attributes like His and to become more like Him.  Also, the song went really well! Pictures below.
So every day, we wake up at 6:30 am and we always start the day with personal prayer.  I was kneeling next to my bed saying my prayer when all of a sudden everything around me started to shake!  I stopped saying my prayer and stood up and ran out the door, because it was an earthquake!!  I don’t know where the epicenter was, but supposedly it was a 6.9 magnitude earthquake.  It lasted for about 40 seconds and it was pretty strong, everything was visibly shaking.  But, luckily nothing broke and no one was hurt, at least in Ixhuatán.  Now I can now say I survived a 6.9 magnitude earthquake.  Definitely putting that one on my list of interesting life experiences.
So we had a nice little surprise to end the week yesterday!  So on Wednesday we found out they werent going to dedicate the chapel here in Ixhuatán this Sunday because it isn’t finished yet, and we were pretty bummed out.  Like, really bummed out.  As was President Caffaro.  But, he send me a text on Friday that said that even though they weren’t going to be able to dedicate the chapel here in Ixhutatán on Sunday that they still wanted to come here to spend their last Sunday in Guatemala with us and the members here in this area.  They love this area so much, it is such a special area for them, and I realized why yesterday.  President Caffaro gave a talk in sacrament meeting in which he talked about how the members here are the pioneers of the church for this part of the world, and that it reminds him of himself about 50 years ago.  He grew up in a tiny branch, similar to Ixhuatán, and that is part of why he loves it here so much.  He can see himself and his own first branch when he comes here to Ixhuataán.  So, President and Sister Caffaro came to church yestday and it was so great!  We had an attendance of 59, it was the highest that the branch had ever had here, which was pretty darn awesome.  The house we have the meetings in was completely full and we actually ran out of seats, haha!  During the 3rd hour, we went to see the new church with President and Sister Caffaro so they could see it before they go home.  I went up on top of the building where the classes are to take some pictures of everything with Sister Caffaro, and she just said,  ¨This is so incredible.  I wouldnt want to spend my last Sunday in Guatemala anywhere else but here.¨ It was great getting to spend a lot of time with President and Sister Caffaro on their last Sunday here in Guatemala, it was hard saying goodbye to them, but we are really excited to meet our new mission president.  President and Sister Shumway are coming here on Friday for the next 3 years of their lives, and we will get to meet them on Saturday!  Im sure we will have some pictures to take with them in my next email Ñ=
Well, that was out week!  It wasn’t exactly what we planned, but it was a good lesson of patience for all those who were involved.  Have a great week, make this week the best week of your lives!


Elder Semus
Misión Guatemala Sur
1. My last picture with President and Sister Caffaro 😦
2.  Me, Hermana Mecham, Hermana Pereira, and Hermana Zapata.  Hermana Mecham is the “Mom” (trainer) of Hermana Pereira, and Hermana Pereira is the mom of Hermana Zapata, and I have been the District Leader for all 3 of them!
3. Some of the Elders in the zone the day of multi-zone conference
4. ​​In the new chapel with Robin (a member) and my comp
5.  Sunday with President and some members
6.  Me with a branch member
7.  The sign at the new chapel

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